Authors! Launching a Book? Consider a Podcast!

As an aspiring author, I am learning that Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular vehicle to get your work known. I now believe that it should be one of the first of many steps you consider when publicizing your work. As a new Author, I have participated in two Podcasts to date to promote my books.

An “indie” author can enjoy a huge advantage using the digital technologies of this medium. The book market is moving away from physical bookstores and into flourishing online digital sales. Expect larger numbers of indie-author who self-publish their works finding their voice and capturing a larger slice of the consumer dollar in this domain. In like manner, the burden of book marketing now comes from the author. Marketing a book yourself becomes mandatory unless you have the monetary resources for hiring and paying professionals to do the job for you, which is not a cost-effective strategy for un-established writers.

Podcasts are springing up everywhere. There are several Podcast Forums for Authors: e.g., Author Interview Podcasts, Book Review Podcasts, Authors Podcasting, Writing/Publishing Podcasts, eReaders, and ebooks. This list is not complete and is evolving.

One such Radio Talk Show host in the Denver metropolitan area who provides that exposure to the local literary market is Jerry Fabyanic. Jerry created Writers Talk, a segment of the Rabbit Hole on KYGT-FM in Idaho Springs, Colorado (aka The Goat, 102.7 ~ 103.9 FM) a couple of years back to fill that need. Jerry, a seasoned/retired English teacher and now writing/publishing professional, expertly interviews Colorado authors, writers, and publishing experts on his regularly scheduled radio show high in the Rocky Mountains. The show’s format allows for in-depth and free-ranging discussions about his guests and their works. All shows are recorded, uploaded, and available for podcasting on his Bighorn Book Club site. This newly-minted show amplifies the fast-growing independent-publishing book industry aimed at the written word.

Jerry’s Bighorn Book Club website brings together the growing Colorado literary community of authors, service providers, and professional/industry organizations. Consider the power of having an archived podcast link of your work on your website. Indeed, a powerful tool! If interested, contact Jerry through the BBC site to arrange a time for you to come onto Writers Talk to promote yourself and your works in your own voice.

In the spirit of this blog article, listen to my Writers Talk interview with Jerry in January of 2018 discussing why I wrote my latest book, To the Sound of The Guns: 1st Battalion, 27th Marines from Hawaii to Vietnam 1966-1968.  My first interview happened in May of 2017, talking about my/our second book and healing the signature wounds of war, The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road: Healing the Signature Wounds of War. 

Happy writing, publishing, and marketing your book,

Grady T. Birdsong

Author and Veteran Advocate – BirdQuill LLC 

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Grady Birdsong, the son of an oil field roughneck, driller, tool pusher, and a homemaker mother, was raised on the small town values of “God, Mother, Country, and Apple Pie,” in that order. He grew up in central and southwest Kansas attending Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, before enlisting in the Marine Corps in 1966. After two combat tours in Northern I Corps of Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of 1968 and along the DMZ in 1969, he returned to Denver and finished his formal education at Regis University, Denver, Colorado.

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    Let’s schedule you for an episode of my podcast Alligator Preserves!

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