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Praise for The Miracle Workers Of South Boulder Road

“For years’ people have been touting the healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, anecdotal data does not win political support or funding, but with the publication of The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road, pragmatic and practical HBOT data is now available. With a medically approved clinical plan utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and psychological counseling, The Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute has evidence to prove that they have healed more than 300 US combat veterans of TBI and PTSD symptoms and have allowed them to return to normal lives with their families, careers and education. Now is the time for Congress, VA and FDA to recognize that this treatment has the power to heal and cure our nation’s veterans of the signature injury of this current war.”

~ Ralph P. Bozella, Vietnam Combat Veteran, U.S. Army
Chairman National Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Commission
The American Legion Past President, United Veterans Committee of Colorado

“At long last, something that really heals – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy! Thank God for Eddy and Ryan and their courage and determination in establishing RMHI for veterans and others. And many thanks to Colonel Bob Fischer and Grady Birdsong, both Marine Vietnam combat veterans, for revealing the best-kept secret for curing TBI and PTSD in this great book.”

         ~ Timothy C. Hall, former Deputy Executive Director
Colorado Department of Human Services
Veterans and Disability Services Division
Member of United Veterans Committee of Colorado

“The Miracle Workers gives us a detailed, simple description of successful HBOT therapy that treats and heals Iraq-Afghan combat veterans suffering the signature wounds of war. Their unique integration of TBI and PTSD therapies during the same treatment program is commendable and will inspire other veterans and families to seek the same results…”

~ Dr. Eddie Zant, MD,
Medical Director Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine Inc., of Florida
Fort Walton Beach – Destin, Florida.

“You have done an excellent job telling the story of the clinic’s inception, progress and how the Hyperbaric Treatment intervention has been of tremendous success with the veteran population…You are very fortunate to have the infrastructure and resources in place to conduct a very much needed further research study and advance the field, validating the efficacy of HBOT for TBI and PTSD.”

~ Gary Jarvis, Ph.D., Clinical Neurophysiologist (Retired)
Director of the Biofeedback Department & EEG Lab
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Centers
Jacksonville, Florida

(Gary, a Marine infantryman who served in the
same unit with author, Grady Birdsong, in Vietnam, 1968)

“The Miracle Workers of Boulder Road—this is a must-read story for all who have served in the Armed Forces or for those who know someone who served. Why? This book demonstrates a kinship seldom experienced. The personal vignettes and interwoven stories provide a foundation for the miracle created by this group of diverse individuals. When you understand the results they are able to achieve in ‘fixing broken brains,’ then you can appreciate the passion and drive that makes them the ‘Miracle Workers.’ The ‘fixed brains’ are experienced by the patients, their loved ones, and all who know them as miracles. That is not the true miracle, however. These Miracle Workers are applying the science of medicine through the genius and guile of people who truly desire to serve their fellow mankind. No, the true miracle is their courage and determination to fight for these people and deliver hope and help! The Miracle Workers of Boulder Road inspires me to continue my advocacy to battle for our Veterans who suffer the debilitating effects of TBI-PTSD. Drugs from the VA don’t work! Families continue to be stressed, tattered, and broken from these wounds—the treatment is available, yet so elusive, as we struggle with political pushback, naysayers, and bureaucrats. I advocate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy because of a family at my church. Their son, a Veteran of Iraq, committed suicide—neither he nor they ever knew about HBOT. The drugs he was prescribed didn’t work—for him nothing did. I see his parents at church often and I think of the ‘Miracle Workers.’ I wish I would have known and been able to help sooner.”

~ Brigadier General James L. Bauerle, USA (Ret)
Veterans Advocate
The Military/Veterans Coalition of Indiana